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August 7, 2022


Journalists/media covering the 2022 Freedom Day Festival are expected to follow the below protocol before entering community: 

  • Direct your initial enquiry to the appropriate media contact
  • Clearly identify yourself: state your name, position and organisation
  • Clearly identify all media platforms the interview will be published on. E.g: digital, radio, TV, print, social media, podcast. 
  • Before arriving, ask if the interviewee requests an interpreter or support person, and ensure they can be provided through Gurindji Corp 
  • If requested, provide written questions in advance to the media contact. If this can’t be provided, outline rough question themes and the estimated length of the interview. 
  • Refer to Gurindji Corp’s Covid Policy before organising travel to Kalkarindji. Ensure you test three days before arrival and pack RATs for testing at the festival. Do not travel if you have symptoms. 
  • Refer to boundary information provided by Gurindji Corp regarding where media can travel within Kalkarindji - Gurindji Corp to provide map which outlines boundaries and “MEDIA ZONES” 
  • Bring consent forms if relevant to your media organisation
  • Pack appropriate, modest dress for community
  • Research why you’re coming: understand the history of the Walk-Off and its legacy today 

Journalists/media covering the 2022 Freedom Day Festival are expected to follow the below protocol while in community: 

  • REGISTER ON ARRIVAL: All media must register at the Truck Stop/info tent upon arrival. 
  • Clearly identify yourself: state your name, position and organisation.
  • Ensure you wear a label/lanyard provided by Gurindji Corp identifying you as MEDIA for the duration of the festival 
  • All media to complete an induction before recording in community.
  • Dress in appropriate, modest clothing for the duration of your stay 
  • Seek permission before recording or photographing children 
  • Always ask for correct spelling and pronunciation of names, words and places you are unfamiliar with. The media volunteers can assist you.
  • Explain what ‘on the record’ and ‘off the record’ means, so community members know when they are being quoted.
  • Where English is not a first language, ask Gurindji Corp to arrange an interpreter, or support person of their choosing to be present.
  • If at any point the interviewee requests the interview to be over, or for particular questions not to be asked, please respect their wishes.
  • Do not enter private property unless invited by the occupant.
  • Do not film businesses or into private property without permission.
  • Stick to the Media Zones outlined in the map provided: stay away from homes and residential streets while working. 
  • Be respectful while staying at the school: Do not enter classrooms or staff buildings without permission.
  • Traditional Owners expect all media to abide by the Journalist Code of Ethics outlined on the MEAA website 
  • Respect Country and Elders; past, present and future
  • Enjoy your time in our community on Gurindji land, and celebrate with us! 

Posted by:

Luke Wright

Festival Director at Gurindji Freedom Day Festival (Gurindji Aboriginal Corporation)

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