About Us

Gurindji Aboriginal Corporation is a community-owned, non-profit charity enterprise and the Prescribed Body Corporate for Kalkaringi Township native title area.

What We Do

We advocate and work to improve the social and economic wellbeing of our community through enterprise, improved housing and facilities, local employment and preserving Gurindji culture and heritage.

We do not receive any royalty or lease income, so we rely 100% on ourcommunity enterprise model and fundraising activities.

Through advocacy, effective native title agreement-making and partnerships we’re delivering significant social and economic benefits across key areas of:
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Community enterprise and local employment

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New and improved housing for community members

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New and improved community facilities

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Preserving Gurindji culture and heritage

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Supporting families, elderly and youth

Success Stories

Wave Hill Walk-off Track

GAC developed the National-Heritage-listed Wave Hill Walk-off Track as part of our Elders’ long-term vision to keep their story alive by allowing visitors to walk in their original footsteps. The Track was officially opened at the 50th Anniversary Freedom Day Festival in 2016.

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Kalkaringi Store & Caravan Park Enterprise

GAC secured ownership of the Kalkaringi Store & Caravan Park, ensuring shop profits are invested back into community development projects and local employment. In coming years, the store will undergo redevelopment to further grow enterprise and employment opportunities.

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Multi-purpose Recreational Facilities

GAC has undertaken major community infrastructure projects, including the construction of the new multi-purpose court at central park Kalkaringi and redevelopment of the Kalkaringi sports oval in partnership with Kalkaringi School.

Kalkaringi Social Club Enterprise

GAC, with support from Vic Day Council, will soon have full ownership of the Warnkurr Social Club, returning yet another key enterprise to community control. Plans are underway to make the Club a more family-friendly and welcoming facility.

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GAC Construction & Maintenance enterprise

The GAC Construction and Maintenance enterprise employs a local Gurindji crew and is winning and servicing major government contracts, including renovations, maintenance, new builds, restorations and refurbishments, alongside our own funded new builds.

Kalkaringi & Daguragu Child & Family Centre

We are very excited to be delivering the new Child and Family Centre program (CFC) led by our local Gurindji team, servicing the needs of all of our children and families, in partnership with the Northern Territory Government. We’re also very excited to opening our new community and family centre at this year’s Freedom Day Festival.