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August 21, 2022

Essential Info

FREEDOM DAY FESTIVAL IS NEXT WEEK! Everyone is excited. To help you with your trip, here are some big house-keeping questions answered...


ACCOMMODATION: There’s no more accommodation or powered sites available except for bush camping (bring all your own gear).


WHEN YOU ARRIVE: There’ll be a registration tent when you drive into Kalkaringi. Please check in, confirm you’ve done a COVID test prior to arriving, and our volunteers will show you where to camp.


PRE-PURCHASED TENTS: Your tent is good to go from Thursday through till Monday. If you’re not a seasoned camper, consider bringing some extra comforts (pillows, mats, whatever you need). We’ll supply a camp mattress and sleeping bag and little blow-up pillow.


FOOD: We’ll have the local shop and take-away open for extended hours (see store hours below), the social club will be doing dinners down by the concert area, there’s a food truck doing burgers and stuffed potatoes and other yummy things, and we have a paella fella coming along too.Please bring your own food if you have special dietary needs. We also recommend having a supply of snacks and things to get you by in case needed (always safe to be self-sufficient-ish when heading remote).


WATER: Bring your own 10L or bigger container of water (per person) and a reusable bottle. There is water in the community (on sale and taps) but bringing your own is highly recommended.


TOILETS: We have portaloos here but please be patient if there are line-ups. We’ll have a volunteer crew doing cleaning and replacing paper(although clever campers can also bring their own!).


SHOWERS: There are a very limited number of showers and water here is scarce. The caravan park shower block system can back up quicklyif over-used. Please take VERY short showers. Or just embrace the dust and baby wipes for the weekend!


MONEY: There are ATMs and all vendors take cards.


SAFETY: Be sun safe and stay hydrated. We’ll have night patrol services throughout the night, along with police for emergencies.


MEDICAL: We’ll have first-aid experts at the event. The Kalkarindji Clinic will be open for emergencies. Please bring all your own medicines for the full time you’re here.


ALCOHOL: This is a zero-alcohol event. Please do not bring alcohol into the community. Police will search vehicles before they arrive.


CLOTHING: Please dress modestly to show respect for Elders.




MON 22 – 9am till 5pm

TUES 23 – 9am till 5pm

WED 24 – 9am till 5pm

THURS 25 – 9am till 9pm

FRI 26 – 8am till 6pm

SAT 27 – 8am till 6pm

SUN 28 – 8am till 6pm

MON 29 – 7:30am till 4pm


SOCIAL CLUB HOURS (food and non-alc drinks only):


WED 24 – Normal hours

THURS 25 – Closed for kids’ disco

FRI 26 – 5pm till 10:30pm

SAT 27 – 5pm till 10:30pm

SUN 28 – 5pm – 10:30pm




Please respect Gurindji Country in every possible way. Be mindful of not going to places outside of the festival’s designated areas (including the residential back streets). Kindly, ask people before taking their photo(generally people are happy to, but always ask first).

Posted by:

Luke Wright

Festival Director at Gurindji Freedom Day Festival (Gurindji Aboriginal Corporation)

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